Lab Members

Current Members:

Gina Ney, MD-PhD   
clinical Lecturer
Lu Liu, PhD
Postdoc Fellow 

Morgan Jones, MD-PhD

Laura McKay, MD
clinical fellow

Charlotte Stanbaush, BS
Lab technician

Lila Alaka, 
Undergraduate student

Adam Ross,
Undergraduate student

Charlene Kuk, MS
Lab technician

Past Members: 

Xi Jin, Postdoc Fellow
(currently Scientist, Celgene)

Meiling Zhao, Research Associate
(currently PhD student, University of Michigan)

Rosemary Coolon, Lab Manager

Victor Ng, Research Associate
(currently clinical fellow of Radiation Oncology, Memorial Sloan Kettering) 

Kevin Yang, Undergraduate Student
(currently MSTP student, NYU)

Hadie EvartsResearch Assistant

Leilani Sampang, Research Assistant
(currently medical student, University of Michigan)